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Comprehensive Surgical Skin Treatments in Brentwood, TN

At Advanced Skin & Laser Center, we take pride in helping our patients achieve beautiful, fresh, and youthful skin. We're proud to harness the latest advances in cutting-edge dermatological technology, helping us ensure that our treatments are always as safe, effective, and convenient as possible. While we offer many non-surgical and cosmetic treatments, for certain cases and conditions, surgery is the best way to ensure healthy skin. We’re proud to offer a variety of surgical skin treatment options.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Skin Cancer

h-perfectSmile5.jpgMohs surgery, also known as microscopically controlled surgery, was developed by Dr. F. Mohs in the 1940's. It is a common procedure used to treat certain skin cancers and to prevent the recurrence of that cancer. This precise method of treating skin cancers allows us to surgically remove the skin cancer and immediately examine the tissue to identify any remaining cancerous tissue.

Mohs surgery is often used when:

  • certain areas of the body affected by skin cancer doesn't respond to other treatment options
  • the skin cancer is affecting an area of the body that the patient wishes to keep as much of the normal tissue as possible
  • the size of the skin cancer cannot be easily determined by a visual examination
  • cancer returns to a previously treated area

Mohs surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and requires a local anesthetic. In addition to having a higher success rate, Mohs is also recognized for its precision, making it the most aesthetic choice for skin cancer treatment.

Recovery time depends on the size of the skin cancer. While some wounds can heal by themselves, others may require sutures, a small skin graft or in some cases, reconstructive surgery. If any discomfort should occur following this treatment, it is usually very mild and can be treated with Tylenol. While minimal bleeding is common, you should seek immediate medical attention if you experience persistent, excessive bleeding.

Mole Removal

We offer many different mole removal services. We can excise, or cut, your mole off without the need for stitches. On smaller, not-as-deeply-rooted moles, we can use a laser to remove them. If your mole is non-cancerous, there is no need to remove it other than for aesthetic purposes. If your mole has un-even edges or you notice it is growing in size, please come in to have it biopsied. We will determine if it is cancerous and needs to be removed.

Scar Revision

The goal of scar revision surgery is to lessen the scar so that it blends in more evenly with your surrounding skin. We will attempt to make the scar tissue match your surrounding skin’s texture and tone. We use laser therapy, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and sometimes incisions to reduce scars. Incisions are only used to cut out deep scar tissue that can’t be treated with the other options.

Nail Removal

If one of your nails has recurring fungal infections, this can cause a portion or the entire nail to die. If this happens, we can surgically remove the nail fairly quickly in the comfort of our office. You will receive an injection in the finger or toe so you won’t feel anything. The nail is then loosened from the surrounding skin, and the doctor will place a tool between the nail and skin in order to remove the nail. And if you wish to keep the nail from growing back, thereby avoiding future infections, we can place a chemical on the wound that destroys the nail’s matrix. After the procedure, an antibiotic will be applied and the wound will be bandaged.


Epidermoid cysts, or skin cysts, are bumps and/or lumps that form underneath the skin. They are “pockets” of tissue that can be filled with pus, fluid or other materials. They form from the cells that make up the external layer of the skin. If your skin cysts make you self-conscious, we can surgically remove them. We also surgically remove them if they burst and become infected.

Excision of Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Melanoma is cancer of the cells in the skin that produce melanin, the pigment in your skin. This is considered the most severe type of skin cancer, but as long as it hasn’t spread, to areas such as the eyes or internal organs, it can be removed with surgery. If the melanoma is small and thin, all of it may be excised, or cut out, during the biopsy. Otherwise, our doctors will surgically remove the cancer and a border of surrounding skin as well as a layer of tissue under the skin – just to ensure all of the cancer is gone.

This same excision technique applies to non-melanoma skin cancers, such as basal cell or squamous cell skin cancers, as well. These cancers arise from excessive sun exposure. Once detected, they can be surgically removed.

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